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It is recognised that digital signatures and digital stamping will be a key enabler for increased efficiency and a paper independent environment.

Votar Partners were engaged by a Metropolitan Council to conduct workshops with key stakeholders across Council to identify the types of transactions involving signatures and the business requirements of these signatures. Research was also conducted into the legal requirements of signatures in Victoria, as well as the need to use Council’s common seal, by examining relevant legislation. well as the need to use Council’s common seal, by examining relevant legislation. Finally, a desktop review of Council’s ICT Operating Model was conducted to identify relevant technical requirements.

The audit identified 445 forms that include a signature. About half of these were for customers and half were for use by Council staff. There were also many other document types created by Council staff that currently include signatures, such as memos and reports. The Council accepted that the continued use of wet signatures for these records will be a significant barrier to Council achieving its vision for information management and its aim to increase the use of digital channels.


Based on the Council transaction type Votar Partners identified three digital signature solutions which should be implemented by the Council for different types of transactions.  Our final report included the

  • Current Use of Signatures at Council
  • Current Legal Requirements
  • Key Transaction Types
  • Signature Options
  • Recommendations Report & Action Plan
  • Draft Digital Signature Policy to cover the appropriate use of “wet” signatures; digital signatures; digitised signatures; digital stamping and workflows for document authorisation
  • Final policy for EMG approval

Votar Partners can support your Council to develop a consistent approach to the authorisation of Council documents through the use of digital signature methods appropriate to the level of risk of a transaction.

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